Lakshmishree What is a commodity market?
Lakshmishree How old are the commodities market?
Lakshmishree What are commodity exchanges?
Lakshmishree What are the different types of commodities that are traded in these markets?
Lakshmishree What are the characteristics of the Exchange Traded markets?
Lakshmishree What is a Derivative contract?
Lakshmishree What is a forward contract?
A forward contract is a legally enforceable agreement for delivery of goods or the underlying asset on a specific date in future at a price agreed on the date of contract. Under Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1952, all the contracts for delivery of goods, which are settled by payment of money difference or where delivery and payment is made after a period of 11 days, are forward contracts.
Lakshmishree What are standardized contracts?
Lakshmishree What are customized contracts?
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