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As the pioneers of the financial industry in India, we believe that financial planning is incomplete without insurance. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones with a service that's not only safe but profitable. That's why Lakshmishree has taken a sincere effort to bring the best insurance services at your fingertips.

What Is Insurance ?
Insurance is a legal contract between two parties whereby one party called insurer / underwriter undertakes a fixed amount of liability on the happening of a certain event. The other party called insured pays in exchange a fixed some called premium.

Advantages of Life Insurance ?
Life Insurance provides the dual benefits of savings and security. The following benefits explain why this investment tool should be an integral part of your financial plans

  • Risk Cover
  • Planning for life stage needs
  • Safe and profitable long-term investment
  • Protection plus savings over a long term
  • Facility of loans without affecting the policy benefits
  • Protection against rising health expenses
  • Tax Benefits

Need of Life Insurance ?
Life is full of unexpected surprises. Unpredictable events can strike without warning and disrupt the smooth rhythm of life at any time. Therefore, you must always ensure the financial security of your family! Here are some of the plans Lakshmishree.


  • Traditional Insurance Solutions
  • Investment Linked Plans (ULIPs)
  • Guaranteed Return Plans

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