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LAKSHMISHREE takes pride in introducing itself as a Trading Member (TM) for Derivatives segment. To provide quality service in this segment, we have a dedicated department for Derivatives, being run by professionals with sound knowledge and experience of the segment.

Stock Exchanges and to bring overall growth and development in the Capital market. Derivatives serve the economic purpose of cost effective risk management and this is reflected in the fact that Derivatives market world over trade several multiples of the volumes that occur in the cash market today. Interestingly, it has always existed in India in some form or the other.

You are invited to take advantage of our expertise in the area of derivatives. Derivatives are contracts, which derive their value from its underlying. Derivative instruments are regularly traded both in the Exchange and in the over-the-counter markets.

Our Derivative Market segment has a composite understanding of the equity and derivatives market that is vividly reflected in our unique and effective Trading / Hedging / Arbitrage strategies. Our latest technological infrastructure, live market reports, in-depth analysis and tracking services enable you to opt for appropriate and highly profitable derivative strategies such as Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Cover Call Writing, Hedging Strategies, etc that are specific to your individual portfolio.

Key Features of our Derivative investment services are listed below:

  • Wide range of daily, weekly and special Research reports
  • Expert Sector Analysts with professional industry experience
  • Real-time market information with News updates
  • Investment Advisory services to all clients
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers to premier clients

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