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We can say that currency trading is the business of future in India. There are three major exchange providing this trading i.e. NSE, USE & MCX-SX. Lakshmishree have the member ship of all these three exchange to facilitate our clients with this future business.

There are several currency pairs which are available for trading such as:
USDINR - Futures and Options (US Dollar, Indian Rupee)
EURINR - Futures (European Euro, Indian Rupee)
GBPINR - Futures (British Pound, Indian Rupee)
JPYINR - Futures (Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee)

Why should one trade in Currency Derivatives?

  • A new product to diversify portfolio
  • A new instrument for Hedging and Risk Management
  • Very high liquidity and good market depth
  • Low Margin requirements say around 3%
  • Trading facility provided on reputed stock exchanges
  • Trading activities are governed by SEBI
  • Currency trading has lower cost & other charges as compared to Equities and Commodities

Key Features of our Currency investment services are listed below:

  • Wide range of daily, weekly and special Research reports
  • Expert Sector Analysts with professional industry experience
  • Real-time market information with News updates

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